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The garden

If we break the Groenstraat, is on the right side at number 10 the name Fancrever Höfke. One has no idea what Garden here is

One tastes directly the romance, which radiates this garden.

From the terrace there is a look at the length axis, which gives a look along the Hagen of various garden rooms. The borders are surrounded by boxwood, which radiates peace again, but still shows the beautiful combinations and compositions of the borders.

The garden is long and narrow (110 meters deep and 12.5 metres wide), so that the garden is divided into rooms. Each room has its own atmosphere and intimacy such as boxwood, herbs, vegetables, fruit-shadow garden and a own hosta corner.
The shadow garden is embellished by a variety of cut figures from taxus and buxus. The garden also has a beautiful depth by the self-manufactured marl ornaments are weathered by years, because they are included, in whole in the garden.


Fancrever Höfke
Family Notermans

Groenstraat 10
6301 PH  Sibbe-IJzeren
Valkenburg aan de Geul

Tel: +31 43 6015663

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